In the fast growing technological world, the demand for IT professionals is like a boom in the market. And BCA as a bachelor degree program helps in building a strong foundation for the students to attain remarkable achievements in their career trac. Thus the BCA program is basically designed to impart in depth knowledge in the field of computer application and information technology to the aspiring student for a better understanding of their practical applications.


BCA 1st year (F.Y.)
Semester I
101 Business Communication
102 Principles of Management
103 Programming Principles and Algorithms
104 Computer Fundamental and Office Automation
105 Business Accounting
106 Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (OA+PPA)
Semester II
201 Organisational Behaviour
202 Elements of Statistics
203 'C' Programming
204 File Structure and Database Concepts
205 Cost Accounting
206 Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (C.P +DBMS)
BCA 2nd year (S.Y.)
Semester III
301 Numerical Methods
302 Data Structure using C
303 Software Engineering
304 Management Accounting
306 Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (D.S +RDBMS)
Semester IV
401 Networking
402 Visual Basic
403 Inventory Management (SAD)
404 Human Resource Management
405 Object Oriented Programming using C++
406 Computer Laboratory and Practical Work ( VB + C++ )
BCA 3rd year (T.Y.)
Semester V
501 .NET Frameworks
502 Internet Programming and Cyber Law
503 Principals of Marketing
504 Core Java
505 Project work ( VB )
506 Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (.NET + Core Java )
Semester VI
601 E-Commerce
602 Multimedia Systems
603 Introduction to SysPro And Operating Systems
604 Advance Java
605 Project Work ( Banking & Finance, Cost Analysis, Financial Analysis, Payroll, EDP, ERP etc.)
606 Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (Multimedia +Advanced Java)