Earn And Learn Scheme



The main objective of the scheme is to help the poor and needy students so as to pursue the higher education independently. This scheme is basically undertaken for the benefit of students those who are needy, economically backward, intelligent and meritorious but cannot afford higher education. This will make higher education accessible and available to the poor, needy and meritorious students. The scheme is at present being undertaken at the Junior College level and the under graduate level. Under this scheme those students who are interested in joining are to fill the necessary application form.

The students are interviewed by the Committee and the students are selected on the basis of financial background. The selected students have to submit the Family Income Certificate to prove that they are economically backward. The students enrolled under the scheme are given the following types of work namely- That increase their skills in areas of their study, office work, technical work and field work.

However when the distribution of work is given it is seen that all students get equal opportunity to get all different kinds of work such as technical work ,fieldwork. Office work includes working at the Library and office of the institute. Technical work includes: Knowledge of computers, office machines such as photocopying etc. while field work includes working in the garden, looking after newly planted trees. It is expected that every student should work for three hours daily after the classes are over. Students working under this scheme are paid an honorarium of Rs.18 per hour. Payment is made as per the attendance sheet, which is to be maintained by the college. The students are requested to open a bank account at their respective places and payments are made through the cheques.

Staff Members
  1. Shri. R.P. Adav - Head