National Service Scheme(NSS)

NSS was implemented on 24th September 1969 (The First Birth Century of the father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi) by Youth Welfare, Development and Sport Ministry Government of India. NSS was established with the purpose to cultivate social awareness, to develop their overall personality, to improve self dependence and social attachment among the college students.

NSS is a noble experiment in academic environment with the spirit of voluntary work through sustained community interactions for the students as well as for teachers. It develops a constructive attachment between our academic institution and society. It shows how to combine knowledge and action to achieve result which is desirable for community development. NSS has emerged as India’s largest student youth movement linking with the community.

Administrative Structure - National Level
  1. Department of Youth affairs and Sports, New Delhi
  2. State Government, Maharashtra State, Education Service Scheme Department
  3. Universities
  4. Vice-chancellors
  5. Co-ordinators
  6. Principals
  7. Program Officers
  8. Volunteers
Missions and Visions of NSS
  1. To understand the community in which they work.
  2. To identify the need and problems of the community.
  3. To develop a sense of social and civil responsibilities.
  4. To find practical solutions for individual and community problems
  5. To acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude
  6. To practise national integration and social harmony.
Departmental Activities
  1. Village adoption
  2. Tree Plantation
  3. Blood Donation
  4. AIDS Awarness
Staff Members
  1. Dr. D.G. Chougale
  2. Dr. Smt. A.R. Kamble