Competative Examination Guidence Center

Establishement: June 1997
UPSC recognized centre

Aims And Objectivies

  • This centre was established with the help of parent institute Shri Prince Shivji Maratha Boarding House.
  • The need arised to start such a centre because the students have lack of confidence for appearing the competative examinations due to lack of proper guidance.
  • We provide the students information about different competative examinationsS such as UPSC, MPSC, Indian Railways, National Banks, LICs, and other gazetted posts.
  • The centre provides proprity to the preparatory competative exams. The guidance is rendered on individual level according to the students inclinations and potential.
Fes Rs. 1000/-
Trem September to August
Intake capacity : 40 on first come first serve basis
Eligiblity : A student should be a bonafied and regular student of this college. Library Facillity

A separrate library with 400 books , Reference Books , Journals are availablev for the preparation for such examinatiopns


written and oral tests are conducted rgularly to check the progress of the students.

Prominent Alumni


Sr. No. Name Position Held
1 Shri. Viswas Patil Dy. Collector
2 Shri. Subarao Patil Dy. Collector
3 Shri. Avinash Hadgal Dy. Collector
4 Shri. Dattajirao Metake Addl Collector
5 Shri.Sunil Patil Residence Collector
6 Shri. Sanjay Patil Tahasildar
7 Shri. Dhanaji Toreskar Tahasildar
8 Sugandh Lad Forest Officer
9 Shoba Madhale I. F. S.
10 Smt. Sheetal Kabnure Dy. C. E. O.
11 Smt. Megha Patil Dy. Registrar
12 Smt. Sharada Patil Project Director
13 Shri. Dhanajay Khanolkar P. F. Officer

Sr. No. Name Position Held
1 Shri. Manashet Mane Principal
2 Shri. Mangesh Patil Principal


Sr. No. Name Position Held
1 Shri. Ranjeet Nalawade Army Officer
2 Shri. Amit Aswale Army Officer
3 Shri. Vikrant More Army Officer
4 Shri. Shridhar P. S. I.
5 Shri. Shirish Sasne P. S. I.
6 Shri. Ravi Salokhe P. S. I.
7 Shri. Ram Chopade P. S. I.
8 Smt. Padma Kadam P. S. I.
9 Smt. Suvarna Patil P. S. I.
10 Shri. Arun Korade P. S. I.
11 Shril. Ganpat Kale P. S. I.
12 Shri. Amarsinh Patil P. S. I.

I. Teachers Responsibility

  1. To Adhere to a responsible pattern of conducts
  2. To manage their private affairs in the manner consistent with the dignity of the profession.
  3. To seek to make professional growth continuous through study and research.
  4. To express free and frank opinion by participation at professional meetings, seminar and conference etc.
  5. To maintain active membership of professional organization and strive to improve education through them.
  6. To perform their duties in the form of teaching, tutorial, practical and seminar work continuously and with dedication.
  7. To cooperate and assist in carrying out functions relating to educational responsibility of the college and the university.
  8. To participate in extension, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including community service.

 II Teacher and the students Teacher should:-

  1. Respect the right and dignity of the students in expressing his/her opinion.
  2. Deal justly and impartially with students regardless their religion, caste, political, economic and physical characteristics.
  3. Encourage students to improve their attainment and develop their personalities.
  4. Inculcate among students scientific outlook, dignity of labours patriotism.
  5. Be affectionate to students and not to behave in eradicative manner.
  6. Make themselves available to students even beyond their classrooms, help and guide students. 7. Refrain from inciting students against other students.

III Teachers and College Teachers should:-

  1. Treat other members of the profession with dignity.
  2. Streak respectfully to other teachers, render assistance for professional assistance.
  3. Refrain from lodging unsubstantial allegation against colleagues.
    IV Teachers and Authority Teachers should
  4. Discharge their professional responsibility according to the existing rules and adhere to procedures consistent with profession.
  5. Refrain from undertaking any other employment and commitment such as private tuitions.
  6. Cooperate in formulation of policies of the institution.
  7. Cooperate with the authorities for the betterment of institution.
  8. Should adhere to the conditions of contract.
  9. Refrain from availing themselves of leave except on unavailable ground and with prior intimation.

Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff

  1. Teachers should treat the non-teaching staff as colleagues and equal partners and cooperate with them.
  2. They should help in the function of Joint Staff Council in which non-teaching staff also members.

VI Teachers and Society Teachers should through institution maintain contact with the guardians of their students, send report of their performance to guardians, meet them exchange their ideas and feedback for the benefit of the institution.

  1. Recognize that education is public service and keep them informed of educational program being provided.
  2. Work to improve education in community.
  3. Be aware of social problems and take part in activities which would be conductive to the progress of society