Brief History of the Department


Establishment : 1976

Department has established in 1976 under the headship of Mr. H. R. Deshmukh. In 2016 B. Sc. III class was introduced in the department. Department has its own departmental library. The Laboratory is well equipped with the instruments like Trinacular microscope with camera, Spectrophotometer, Cooling Incubator, Deep Freezer, Cooling Microfuge, Laminar air flow. Museum is the pride of the Department. It has 111 chordate specimens, 128 non-chordate Specimens, Osteology section, 507 Permanent Slides.


To introduce and popularize the study of Zoology by the way of graduate studies and to develop new generation with competency in the field of Zoology


To develop the insight of the students to acquire and apply the knowledge of Zoology in day to day life for welfare of society through the aspects of health, nutrition and life style



• To help the students update their knowledge of current national and international scenario in the field of Zoology.
• To make them aware of the conservation of biodiversity and natural resources
• To prepare the students for the post-graduate studies for their further employability
• To help students in developing their entrepreneurship skills through their own Start-ups by the way of application of Zoology.
• To develop research aptitude amongst the students and to help inculcate their interest in the area of research.

Our Alumni

List of Prominent Alumni

Our Alumni



1. UGC Sanctioned Major research project (Rs. 998600/) Entitled: 'Comparative studies on effect of dietary restriction and antioxidant supplementation on cellular damage and turn over and antioxidant protection in Drosophila melanogaster.
2. Department of Zoology, has organized One Day Workshop on ‘Entrepreneurship in Zoology ’ under Shivaji Unversity Lead College Scheme on 29th January 2020.
3. Students of the Department of Zoology had got Rs.10000/- Grant from the Shivaji University, Kolhapur for doing research under the ‘Research Sensitization Scheme for College Students.’ Our Students did a research on ‘Academic Stress among High School Students Studying In Mother Tongue and Foreign Language’.
4. Anjali Patil qualified SET & NET JRF



Departmental Activity:

• National Science Day celebration, World heart day celebration

Co - Curricular Activities:

1. Zoo-corner
2. Quiz.
3. Seminars.
4. National Science Day celebration.
5. Invited Lectures.
6. Study tours.

Departmental Activities: -

1. Study Tour
2. Industrial Study Visit
3. ‘Field Visit.
4. Guest  Lectures
5. Group  Discussions
6. Poster Exhibition
7. Model Exhibition

Extra Curricular Activity: -

1. Student’s Birthday celebration
2. Welcome function
3. Participation in ‘Avishkar’
4. Participation in Various Workshops
5. Seminar
6. Tree Plantation
7. ‘Science Day’, ‘World Heart Day’,’ Environment Day’ celebration
8. Celebrate ‘ Marathi Din’

Other: -

1. Department was organized an One Day Workshop on ‘Entrepreneurship in Zoology’
2. Department of Zoology will make ‘MoU’ with related organization.
3. To take miner and major projects regarding to particular subject


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