Science Forum

Established Sept. 2008


Science forum was inaugurated by the auspicious hands of Eminet CSIR-Emeritus Scientist Prof. V. A. Bapat, Head Department of Biiotechnology BARC, Bombay on 23 rd Dec 2008

Aims and Objectives
  • To inculcate scientific awareness, Scientific tempor and scientific rationale among the students.
  • To motivate scientific attitude among the students.
  • To realize cause and effect scientifically among the students.
  • To eliminate blind beliefs, dogmas among the students.
  • To enculcate sceintific articles writing
Proposed Activities
  1. To arrange guest lectures from eminent scholars
  2. To arrange science quiz competitions
  3. To arrange science exhibitions
  4. To organize Nature trips, industry visits etc.
Faculty Members
  1. Dr. T. G. Nagraja Chairman
  2. Dr. R. S. Patil Member
  3. Dr. S. D. Bajaga Member