Brief History of the Department


Establishment : June, 2007

The prime object behind this management education is to develop the corporate knowledge and give exposure to hidden skills of the students for the development of the self and the nation. Under this department B.B.A course is three years integrated degree. This course consists of the knowledge of the management, marketing, accounting and costing, economics, industrial management and project management etc. the department offered research methodology and project work subject for final year students. It helps in the development of career of the students by continuous assessment.


To develop skill, knowledge and potential of students in respect of management practices.


To empower the students with essential technical knowledge & skill of application in computer and management and also provide practical and professional knowledge for better employment opportunities



• To introduce professional and business oriented education.
• To develop soft skills, knowledge and potential of students in respect of Management education.
• To provide better employment opportunities to the students.
• To generate entrepreneurship through management education for building of the nation.
• To provide consultancy towards business, industries and economy with research activity.

Our Alumni

List of Prominent Alumni

Our Alumni



Special Achievements of Dept. :

1. Most of the students are placed at various positions in the society.
2. To Provide various professional courses toward industries, business services.
3. Participation in management activities/seminars/events at various management institutions.
4. Mahadev Jathar - PSI
5. Trishala Bhanage-lecturer
6. Abhijit Thorabole - Industrialist
7. Priyanka Patil - Academic Consultant
8. Priti Patagoankar - Private Industry
9. K.Lalita Rao – Star Bazar
10. Ketaki Jadhav - Infosys
11. Ashish Nalawade - Private Company



Departmental Activity:

• Organized seminar on “IQ TESTING”.
• Arranged SELF DEVELOPMENT programmed.
• Participation in DIGITAL INDIA WEEK.

Co - Curricular Activities:

1. Application of innovative teaching methods.
2. Organized Industrial and Environmental visit.
3. Organized library visit for 1st year students.
4. Arranged expert’s lectures on SELF MANAGEMENT for youth counseling.


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