Human values Education

In order to foster human values for personality development and social progress, a value education cell is established in the college in year 2004-2005. This programme is a joint venture of The Baha’i Academy , Panchagani which provides the study material, trains the mentors, and supervise and asses the activities.

Mentor : Dr R. S. Patil
Associate Professor
Department of Physics,

  1. Registration procedure
    The programme features are explained to the students of B.A. / B.Com. and B. Sc. Part I when the college term commences. The desirous students are asked to give a brief description of an Event/ Act/ Incidence in which he/she has exercised inherent human values in him/her. From the feedback and personal interaction a group of 25 to 30 students is selected and registration formalities are completed.
  2. The Programme:
    The entire programme in nutshell consists of THREE modules prepared by FUNDAEC and copyrighted to The Baha’i Academy Panchgani
    • Module - I : Moral capabilities
    • Module - II : Beauty, Knowledge and Transition
    • Module - III : True happiness, Social harmony and Peace.
    So far we have implemented the I st module which is the basic requirement of a good citizen who can live in harmony with the Society and Nature.
  3. Course content
    Moral Capabilities hand book has 9 units with elaborative exercises. A journey through these units reveals a logical development of perception of students about – Present world scenario –Extended families-Society and Community-Rectitude of conduct- Promoting Rectitude of conduct- Creating environment of UNITY built on DIVERSITY-Unity of ACTION-Exercising and fostering initiative in a disciplined way.
  4. Service Learning Activity
    At the end of each module the students carry out an individual or a group project related to family/ community/social problem to exercise what they have learned.
    “What I HEAR I forget, What I SEE I retain for some time but What I DO , I understand and remains forever ”
  5. Contact sessions
    Depending upon the availability of study group students, a contact session of 2 to 3 hours per week is conducted. An excursion tour of one day and summer camp session of 2 days at Baha’i Academy, Panchgani is arranged.
  6. Methodology:
    The learning method is Participatory, Interactive, experiential and cooperative. A student overcomes his/her inability to read, express properly and convince.
  7. Study groups since inception of the programme
    1. 2004-2005 - No of students (30) – Girls (15) , Boys(15)
    2. 2005-2006 - No of students (28) – Girls (10) , Boys(18)
    3. 2006-2007 - No of students (21) – Girls (09) , Boys(12)
    4. 2007-2008 - No of students (36) – Girls (23) , Boys(13)
    5. 2008-2009 - No of students (37) – Girls (21) , Boys(16)
Departmental Activities
  • Dr. P.K. Patil has worked as a Mentor during the year 2004-2005
  • Dr. R.S. Patil is working as a Mentor and a Regional coordinator to look after the different study groups under Shivaji University, Kolhapur
  • An article named “ Need of value education in colleges” will be published in Empowerment - Authors: Miss Preeti, Harshada and Premavati (2008-2009 group).
  • Happy –Hippo show conducted by Mr. Shamil Fattakhov from Russia at Baha’I Academy from 25-28 Aug. 2008 was attended by Mr. D.P. Patil
  • Meetings/ orientation / refresher courses attended by Dr. R.S. Patil
    1. Mentors meet - Shivaji Universty, Kolhapur- 11 Aug. 2005
    2. Orientation workshop - Shivaji Universty, Kolhapur- 21-24 Oct. 2005
    3. Refresher workshop - Shivaji Universty, Kolhapur- 24-27 Jul. 2006
    4. Summer camp- Baha’i Academy, Panchgani -7-9 Jun.2007
    5. NLM-UNESCO award 2007 expert team , Govt of india, at Shivaji University , Kolhapur – 16 Aug.2007
Dr. R.S. Patil as Resource person
  1. Work shop at Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, Loni -13-16 sept. 2007 – (250 students and 30 teachers)
  2. Workshop at Sadashivrao Mandlik Mahavidhyalaya , Murgud- 9-10-2007- (100 students and 20 teachers)
  3. Orientation work shop at D.K.T.E.S ’s Textile and Engineering Institute, Inchalkarangi – 1-5 J an. 2008-(33 faculty members)
  4. Work shop at Pravara institute of medical science Loni- 8-11-sept. 2008- (250 students and 30 teachers)
Faculty Members
  • Dr.R.S.Patil Chairman
  • Shri. R.S. Jadhav