Brief History of the Department


Establishment : June, 1974

• Department runs the course – graduation in chemistry
• Biochemistry is taught at B.Sc. II only as an IDS.
• Department has 4 well equipped and well furnished laboratories and 1 research laboratory.
• Department has separate staff-room for teaching faculty & separate store room.
• Separate project cum research laboratory is available.
• Sophisticated  instruments like flame photometer, spectrophotometer, soxhlet  apparatus, thermostat, water analysis kit, digital balance, colorimeters, centrifuge machine, pH meter are available with the department.
• Under ICT learning scheme two computers with free net facility and LCD projector.
• Department library for immediate access to reference books.


To be a model for excellence in undergraduate education in Chemistry.


To provide every undergraduate with Chemical experiences and mathematical ideas that will serves as a foundation for careers & further higher Chemistry.

Student Strength



• To develop interest in students to study chemistry as discipline/course.
• To provide a perfect learning environment that actively involves students in Chemical educational process.
• To develop abilities and to acquire the knowledge of process, facts, terms, concepts, techniques and principle of subjects.
• To develop proper propensity towards the subjects.
• To develop skills required in chemistry such as the proper handling of chemicals and apparatus.
• To provide all undergraduate students with education in Chemistry which will serve as a part of foundation for lifelong learning of science and chemistry.
• To make students capable of studying chemistry in academic and industrial courses.
• To expose the student to various emerging new areas of chemistry and apprise them with their prevalent in their future studies and their applications in various spheres of chemical sciences.
• To develop the power of appreciation, the achievements in chemistry and role in nature and society.
• To increase participation, retention and success for students enrolled in Chemistry.
• To assist students to achieve their goals.
• To develop problem solving skills in students.
• To expose and to develop interest in the field of chemistry.
• To continue to build and excellent undergraduate Chemistry programme.

Our Alumni

List of Prominent Alumni

Our Alumni



Students Achievements:
1. Miss Veronika Fernandez of B. Sc. I stood first in state level STSE organized by Balbheem college, Beed.
2. Amruta patil, Kranti Patil,Tejashreekhade, Samrinkazi1st Prize in Poster presentation at National conference on Materials & Environmental Science (NCMES 2017) held at Solankur.
3. S.J. Lagare, Y.S. Jarag, S.K. Maralkar, P.B. Pareek, P.R. Jadhav2nd Prize in Poster presentation at National conference on Materials & Environmental Science(NCMES 2017) held at Solankur.

Faculty Achievements:
1. Dr. S. D. Bajaga got sanctioned Rs. 100,000/- from UGC for the minor research project on the water analysis.
2. Dr.A. D. Chougale got sanctioned Rs. 31,05,239/- fromSERB Delhi (DST) in year 2015.
3. Dr.A. D. Chougale got sanctioned Rs. 1,00,000/- fromSUK (Kolhapur) in year 2018
4.Dr. S. D. Bajaga awarded ‘ShikshanSevaGouravPuraskar(2019)
5.Dr. S. D. Bajaga published 14 text booksin chemistry bearing ISBNs.
6. Dr. V. R. More published 2text booksin chemistry bearing ISBNs.
7. Dr. A. D. Chougale published 2 book chapters in chemistry bearing ISBNs.



Co - Curricular Activities:

1. Organization of seminar activity for B. Sc III
2. Organization of parents’ meet for B. Sc III
3. Organization of expert guest lectures.
4. Organization of educational and industrial tours.
5. Celebrations of birth anniversaries of eminent scientist.


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