Brief History of the Department

Establishment : June, 1977

Botany Department comprises 5 Ph. D. faculty members and conducted undergraduate course in Botany and Plant Protection along with recognition in M. Phil., Ph. D. in Botany subject.
The laboratory is fully equipped with UV- spectrophotometer Laminar air flow, Centrifuge, Electronic balance, Electrophoresis unit etc. till now faculty members completed 10 UGC minor projects, presently one major and two minor research projects are ongoing. Department possess enriched Botanical garden, which comprises more than 500 species of wild, endangered and ornamental plants.


  • To motivate the students love towards nature.
  • To create scientific temper among the students.
  • To preserve and conserve the Biodiversity.
  • To create awareness about the environmental problems.
  • To study the indigenous flora.
  • To promote use of eco friendly fertilizers and pesticides.
  • To enhance the importance of gardens and parks.

Our Alumni

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Mrs. Shobha Madhale IAS officer.
2 Dr. Sunetra Maharaj Director, Pre IAS Centre Kolhapur.
3 Mr. Dharmaveer Salvitthal ACF, Forest Department, Govt. of Maharashtra
4 Mr. Jeevan Kamble Tahsildar, Govt. of Maharashtra
5 Miss Megha Vasgaonkar Account officer, SBI.
6 Mr. Avinash Kurade PSI
7 Mrs Supriya Shelar Assistant Editor, Pune Deccan
8 Mr. Ajay Kamble Sale Tax Officer


Special Achievements of Dept:
  1. A new biological stain developed targeting only lignified tissue- turns red in colour. While rest tissue appears natural (White) color by Dr. T. G. Nagaraja.

  2. A new low cost eco-friendly adsorbent developed for TLC from Industry waste. It proves excellent separation of plant pigments in acetone extract by Dr. T. G. Nagaraja.

  3. All faculty members are recognized as P. G. Teachers and 3 for as Research Guide.


Departmental Activity:
  • Nature club activities
  • Lead college activities
  • Career Orientated Course
  • Conduction of Workshops and seminars
Co - Curricular Activities:
  1. Parent meet
  2. Celebration of birth anniversary of Scientists, National Leaders, Social Reformers
  3. Celebration of birthday of students, teaching and non teaching members.
  4. Botanical tours, excursions, field visits,
  5. Plant Exhibition
  6. Organization of guest lecturers of eminent scientist.
  7. Guidance rendered to farmers and pharmaceutical industries.


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