Brief History of the Department


Our vision is to develop the student through best conceptual teaching which will help the student to prepare himself for competitive exams and research work in today’s competitive world and reach the success

Establishment of Mathematics Department

Mathematics department was established in The New College in june 1975
B.Sc III mathematics started from June 2016 ,Result of B.Sc III is 100%. Strength of B.Sc.-I, II in the college is more than 400.Results of B.Sc.-II is 100%, B.Sc.-I is more than 90%. Teaching Methods:

Heads of Department

Sr. No Faculty Name Qualification Designation Period
1 Mr V.D.Khade M.Sc HOD & Assistant Professor 1975 – 2004
2 Dr.B.P. Jadhav M.Sc. (Gold Medalist) Ph.D., DHE HOD & Assistant Professor 2005 – 2018
3 Mr K.P.Gidde M.Sc HOD & Assistant Professor 2018 – till date

Current Teaching Staff in department

Name Designation Teaching Experience
Mr K.P.Gidde Assistant Professor 18 years
Miss M.N.Sutar Assistant Professor 3 years
Mrs M.S.Jagtap Assistant Professor 9 years
Mr A.S.Jadhav Assistant Professor 5 years
Mrs G.S.kurade Assistant Professor 1 years

Courses Introduced by the department

Mathematics was started as principal subject from june 2016

Strength of students for last 5 years


Academic Year

2014 – 15 2015 – 16 2016 – 17 2017 – 18 2018 – 19
B.Sc I   209 227 223 249
B.Sc II 192 117 153 161 170
B.Sc III - - 28 48 36



  • To develop logical thinking among the students.
  • To develop mathematical skills and computing expertise among the students.
  • To develop abilities for using mathematics in Industry.
  • To develop skills to use mathematics for other science subjects.
  • To develop capabilities among the students to face the competitive examinations.
  • To enable the students to solve mathematical problems in daily life.

Our Alumni

Sr.No. Name Designation


Special Achievements of Dept:
  1. I st , 2 nd prizes received by our students in maths Quiz organized by SUMS


Departmental Activity:
  • Celebrations of Gurupornima
  • Celebrations Teachers Day
  • Celebrations Mathematics Day
Co - Curricular Activities:


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